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      Product Description


      • DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE - Our unique luggage tags are designed and manufactured with the highest quality neoprene materials. They are made to withstand and last through many trips, even when handled by airline and cruise ship employees.

      • BRIGHT AND EASILY SPOTTED - No more asking yourself “is that my bag”? - These designer tags were designed by professional artists around the world, with bright and beautiful colors to help you easily spot your luggage wherever you are.

      • CAN’T BE RIPPED OFF - Created with thick and strong neoprene material that loops around your luggage handle and won’t tear off. No more dealing with flimsy luggage tags. You can trust that your tags will still be there after a long trip.

      • STAIN RESISTANT - No need to worry about spills or getting your ID tags dirty. These are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

      • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Every one of our luggage tags come with a 100% lifetime rock-solid guarantee. If there’s ever an issue, contact us and we’ll replace your luggage tags.


      Product Details


      • Product Dimensions: 9 x 2.75 x 0.25
      • Item Weight: 3 oz
      • Construction Material: Neoprene


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      Love these tags. The artist's colors and forms are beautiful and very visible.

      Flexible and strong

      Just took our first trip with them and they held up very well.I had a colorful ribbon tied to the same handle as this tag, and the ribbon was hopelessly mangled, but not this tag, it was still in perfect condition.Love this tag!

      Great durable tags!

      Unique and durable luggage tags!

      Cute, functional, and flexible

      I bought these because I'm sick of those hard plastic tags getting in the way of my telescopic handle when I need to put it down quickly and get the bag in the overhead bin while I have a line of people behind me in the aisle.I picked the one with the birds, as they 'pop' on my coral suitcase.The id side is dark, so you have to be close to read it.Good!I like the privacy it offers.This is so flexible it smooshes down under the handle when I put it down.I love these tags and find them 100% worth the money.

      Beautiful and functional

      The luggage tag worked perfectly. My previous tag was hard plastic, and had broken in half the first time it was used, so I went looking for a flexible tag.I loved having a choice of designs. All were very nicely done. I was able to pick one that spoke to me, and would show up well against my bag.The bird design was colorful & beautiful and the tag is sturdy. The tag has held up through several trips now, looking just like new. Plus, the colors and design have been unique on the luggage carousel, so my bag was easy to spot. The tags are bright, joyful and a pleasure to see as they arrive.Very highly recommended!