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Sandwich Baggie Set - Kristen Palana - Kick Ass Donkey

Sandwich Baggie Set - Kristen Palana - Kick Ass Donkey

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Kristen Palana is an American/Portuguese interdisciplinary artist, nomad professor, and UN design consultant currently based in Malawi. She creates images that can be used to visualize things like health, love, abundance etc. She aims to use colors that evoke strong emotions and to utilize symbols that have cross-cultural significance. She's drawn to the patterns and colors found in African and Asian textiles, baskets, and handicrafts. Western influences include stained-glass windows and the bold dark outlines found in comic books. 

She's held senior leadership positions as a tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and Program Director at The American University of Rome and has taught at universities on four continents. Her animated films have screened in galleries and museums worldwide and in more than 75 international film festivals attracting numerous "Best Animated Short Film" awards.

Product Description


  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND REUSABLE - You won't have to worry anymore about all the plastic waste produced from normal disposable sandwich bags after switching to our reusable sandwich & snack bags. They look way cooler too.
  • EASY-OPEN ZIPPER - Feel good about sending your child to school with lunch bags that have an airtight seal, but are still easy to open. Our reusable snack bags are made with embroidered gripper tabs to help open them easily for little fingers or big ones.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our dishwasher-safe, quick-drying, grease-proof, and moisture-proof reusable lunch bags make cleanup a breeze. Like a pair of your favorite jeans, they will soften and fade with repeated washings.
  • CERTIFIED FOOD-SAFE - Dual layer design: outside layer is durable poly fabric, inside layer made of food-safe TPU material that is non-toxic, lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free
  • MAKES AN AWESOME GIFT with the ONE YEAR GUARANTEE - We sell products that last. 


Product Details


Set of 3 Gourmet Reusable Lunch Baggies Includes:
  • Snack Bag - 4.3”H x 7”W
  • Large Sandwich Bag - 6.7"H x 7”W
  • Extra-Large Sandwich Bag - 7.7’H x 8.5”W
Item Weight: 5 oz
Construction Material: Cotton fabric lined with food-safe polyester lining


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