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Recommended by the world’s top dermatologists, hairstylists and beauty experts. Get our pure mulberry silk pillowcase and enjoy the beauty sleep of a lifetime.

Hair and skin-friendly

Most people know all the benefits of a good facial, but not many understand the impact of the bedding we choose on our beauty. Silk pillowcases have been tested time and time again, and always showed the same results - healthier skin and hair, as well as improved sleep quality.

Silk’s smooth and soft texture prevent sleep lines, that can turn into permanent wrinkles with time. Additionally, it won’t absorb your skin care products so they’ll be much more effective. It’s antibacterial properties protect you from allergens and help with irritations and eczema.

Silk protects your locks from tangling and breakage and preserves its moisture during the night.

Printed with Unique designs

Support independent artists all around the world and sleep in style with our pure silk pillowcase. Each is printed with cool and unique patterns, that will bring a spark of color and playfulness into your bedroom.

Comfortable and easy to maintain

Improve your sleep quality with a soft silk pillowcase that also has a natural cooling effect. Contrary to the common belief that silk can only be dry cleaned, these pillowcases can also be washed by hand just as effectively.

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